Color Selection For Curtains And Soft Furnishings


Color Selection For Curtains And Soft Furnishings – Choosing the right color for your soft furnishings and window dressings seems a challenging task to many homeowners. Understanding what goes with which color and how to get the best out of your interior through the use of colors in your soft furnishings is fundamental to your perfect living space.

Many people make choice and combination of colors so complicated that average person is either put off or too afraid to experiment. Well at the very basic, choice of colors and what they mean to you is very personal. Experiment with colors and be bold to test your imagination.


Brighter living spaces bring life to the interior and what can be better than a touch of bright blooms in the living space. Mix colors with neutral base. Treat your walls as canvas and your choice of interior colors as your art work. Fresh blooms, yellow, pinks, blue can brighten up the space.

Your window treatment plays a significant role in the setting up the mood for your interior. Floral curtain fabric are the best way to bring in that lively feel to the interior. You can mix them with stripes or plains to create a coordinated look to your interior.


Another tip for modern interiors is to use a mix of gray with bright colors to create a spacious elegant feel to the interior. Consider a curtain or blind fabric with grey pattern on neutral color or mixing grey tones with blue, red or yellow to create a contemporary spacious interior with bold use of colors.


Use color wheel to assist you in understanding which color complement each other and what are the colors that coordinate with each other. It is very helpful particularly if you don’t trust your creative instincts. Use of dark colors in a large space creates a pull together effect. Use it to the advantage. Where as smaller spaces may benefit from more neutral and bright choices of colors. Your window treatment plays a pivotal role in your interior statement. Use longer curtains to create a sense of height. Combine coordinating colors to create depth in the interior.


There is a misconception that you have to be an expert to add color to your home. Color is personal and as good as the way you like it. The key is being confident in the use of your choice of colors. Never be afraid of trusting your instinct about a color for your interior, besides, you make choices based on colors every now and then.






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