Winter 2015 The Hottest Color Trends


Winter 2015 The Hottest Color Trends – Winter is the time to get your home ready for the grand festivities ahead and give it a fresh, inviting new look. With winter already making its presence felt in many parts of the world, it is also high time to shift from fall decorating to winter wonders!

On first sight, the color palette is dark and moody. But proper combination of colors will create an excellent look of your interiors. Black, gold, navy blue and grey are the shades to go for, especially when it comes to home textiles, accessories and artwork.We bring you the latest in terms of the hottest interior design trends for this winter 2015; as you get your home ready for the holidays, dip into these colors for a trendier look.


Combine black and gold

This interior design trend is set to continue even into 2016, and winter is the perfect time to stock up on glitter to add additional pomp to the holiday festivities. Beautiful and daring mix of black and gold that combines glamour with a sense of cool sophistication. Black and yellow has always been a hot combination, but this winter, replace classic yellow with the luminosity of gold. One of the ideas to introduce golden to your black room is to use throw pillows, and other home accessories. If you decide on the golden room with black accents, try neutral hue of golden, something less glittery.

Color of charcoal

Every season needs its own hot new neutral, and this winter 2015 it is again from the family of grey – the color of charcoal. Charcoal grey is truly ideal for shaping snug interiors as the landscape outside the window turns to white. Both hot fuchsia and elegant purple combine well with charcoal grey.

Bold navy blue

Rich, classy and versatile, navy blue can be used in interior design that range from rustic and farmhouse to contemporary and industrial. A bold navy blue accent wall that also houses the fireplace in the living room or bedroom can become an instant focal point and a perfect backdrop for your Christmas holidays.











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