Personal Preferences In Bathroom Design


Personal Preferences In Bathroom Design – Nowadays, people want different things from a bathroom. While a number of bathroom design ideas can inspire functional and stylish spaces, finding ideas for a bathroom that suits an individual’s specific lifestyle is more challenging. One person may simply want update a functional bathroom with a new look. Another may want to create a luxurious home spa. When it comes to creating the perfect bathroom design, it’s all about personal preferences.

Bathroom designed for speed

Many people long for bathroom makeover that will help them get up in the morning and get them out the door on time.

A bathroom design that makes the room operate more efficiently isn’t just about speed, however, but about creating an invigorating atmosphere as well. A bare-bones space that lacks any decorative style can leave spirits deflated. When designing a highly functional bathroom, the right combination of color, materials and lines will add a sense of energy to the room.


Colors on the cool side can make the room feel more expansive. Sleek lines lend a feeling of energizing movement to the space. Chrome finishes not only add sparkle, but catch the eye, creating dynamic visual interest. Among all the bathroom design ideas for a bathroom designed for speed, however, nothing adds more energy than a fixture on the cutting edge of technology. Technology is intrinsically linked with an active, modern lifestyle. Whether it’s a shower with multi-faucets, a wall-mounted toilet or a sink faucet with auto-operation, a single high-tech amenity invigorates a bathroom’s style.


Bathroom designed for pleasure

For many people, an ideal bathroom is one that provides a relaxing escape from the stress of everyday life. Ensuring physical and emotional comfort is the key to creating a bathroom that helps the owner unwind at the end of a busy day. It’s as important to provide proper light, temperature and ventilation as it is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. When a person’s idea of an indulgent spa experience is a soothing steam shower, an efficient ventilation system becomes all the more important. When the bathroom design includes a luxury bathtub, amenities like heated flooring and ambient lighting coax bathers to linger and relax.


Create a eco-friendly bathroom as well. A warm, minimal color palette and organic materials like wood, stone and bamboo help create an inviting environment. Natural colors, textures, materials and finishes enrich the look of a luxury bathroom designed for relaxation without add too much visual clutter. The right proportion is important, too. Large, square bathroom tiles are visually less distracting than smaller tile work. Perhaps surprisingly, an asymmetrical design is generally more soothing. Too much symmetry can feel rigid and prim.


While function is the main priority for some people and style the priority for others, setting clear design goals is always essential for a satisfactory result. The best interior designers always address the preferences of those that will inhabit the space. No matter what the personal preference in bathroom design, an abundance of bathroom design ideas ensures the right design for each person that uses the utilitarian room.