Curtain Color Selection


Curtain Color Selection – Curtains do not think you can casually buy curtains can not only bring good fashion for your home, but also, there are isolated noise masking function sun, then how to choose a suitable curtains?

Because the curtains in the living room has a large area, but also in the brightest area, so the choice should match the tone interior walls, floors and furnishings material to form a unified and harmonious environment for the United States. The walls are white or pale ivory, yellow or gray furniture, curtains should use the orange; the walls are light blue, pale yellow furniture, curtains, white and blue color should be chosen; the walls are yellow or yellowish, furniture is purple, black or brown curtains should use yellow or golden yellow; the walls are pale green lake, furniture is yellow, green or brown, green or grass curtain green choice is better.


Curtain color selection should also consider the use of the room and the season. Should choose a dark living room, looked dignified and generous; older room, optional color floral and sober; the couple’s room, the curtains should be bright and strong colors to add to the festive atmosphere. On the season, the spring and fall to the appropriate color such as beige, pale dark green, yellow, pink, etc; summer in white, beige, light gray, sky blue, green and other colors better lake; winter is appropriate to brown, dark green, purple , dark coffee color.

First of all, you have to understand the texture of the curtains, there are mainly cotton, silk, silk, nylon, georgette, plastic, aluminum and so on. Soft and comfortable cotton curtains, silk curtains, opulent silk curtain, string curtain crystal clear, soft, flowing gauze, etc., is different.


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Texture when choosing curtains should consider the function room. Bathroom, kitchen should choose strong practicality and easy to wash fabrics and styles to be simple and smooth; you can choose luxurious living and dining rooms, beautiful fabrics; bedroom curtains need more care of the place, it requires thick, warm, security to ensure privacy and sleep comfortable life; have to study the translucent curtains good performance, bright and light colors make for himself, stable mood conducive to work and study.


Choose curtain fabric texture seasonal factors should also be considered. Summer curtains suitably soft material or silk yarn, with breathable cool; winter is appropriate quality thick wool cloth, thick and dense warm; cloth curtain seasons, but especially in the spring cheerful.

Different textures of curtain fabric will produce different decorative effect. Velvet, satin, jacquard, lace trim give people elegant, magnificent feeling. Plaid, corduroy, homespun, etc. can create a cozy and comfortable style. Curtain fabric is best not to be too smooth and shiny as this fabric is easy to reflect light, irritation of the eyes, but also gives a feeling of cold.