Planning Your Patio Design During Winter Months


Planning Your Patio Design During Winter Months – Believe it or not, winter is the perfect time to plan and design your patio. During the summer, the patio gets used a lot and there is little time to start rebuilding or making modifications to the patio. During winter months, when the patio is not in use, is the time to sit down and make some decisions about how you want to redesign your garden patio. A patio is an extension of your home and should be much more than the slab of concrete you have now.

While designing or redesigning your patio, you need to have a plan of the overall style you want. Your patio is an extension of your house and should flow well with your home’s style. What type of patio surface you choose, whether it be flagstone, brick, concrete, or something else, will contribute greatly to the look of the patio and how it compliments the surrounding area.


The garden area around the patio is also an instrumental part of creating the “feel” of your patio and giving it a unique style. Flowers, trees, bushes, and potted plants all need to be positioned with thought so that they work together to create the right atmosphere.

Do you want to ad a cover to your patio? If you live in a rainy climate a retractable cover might be a good idea. There are many to choose from including ones that are free standing and ones that are attached to your house. If you choose to install a patio cover that is actually attached to your house, a permit from your city might be required. Since obtaining a permit from the city takes time, you want to plan ahead for this and winter is a great time to get started.


Many people like to include a hot tub on or near their patio. This is another thing that might take some advance planning as a hot tub that looks like it was just plopped down on the patio does not add the right atmosphere. The hot tub needs to look as though it belongs there and is part of the patio design.

The possibilities for great patio designs are endless and winter is the right time to start getting your ideas together. Patio books can be found at most bookstores and home improvement stores that will have pictures to get your imagination flowing.