Decorating With A Hall Table


Decorating With A Hall Table – There’s more than one way to enhance a home’s decor with the addition of a hall table. Many interior designers and decorators know that a well placed table can improve various spaces in a home such as:

Front entrance. The front entrance of a home is the first impression that every visitor is given of the space, the decor and even the occupants. Having a strategically placed hall table will anchor what could ultimately be a forgotten space as well as give the eye visual interest and give the arriving guest a more welcome, homey feeling.

This is true for any style home from traditional to mid-century modern to contemporary. The right size and shape table will bring the entryway to life and keep it looking more organized and give homeowners a place to display fresh flowers or family photos. It’s also perfect for weighing down a fine piece of artwork or a wall mirror.


The hallway. A long hallway can feel drab and uninteresting. It can simply come off as a way to get from point A to point B. With a hall table displaying a lamp and other decorative objects or one that contains storage in the form of a lower shelf or cabinetry, the hallway will become another feature of the home rather than a forgotten space.


The bathroom. A large bathroom is perfect for this versatile piece of furniture. One with shelving or cabinetry below can be utilized to hold towels, toiletries and extra linens. It can even be used as a vanity that hold makeup and items such as a hair dryer. The hall table in a bathroom can actually make the space look larger and give what can often feel like a cold, impersonal room a more cozy, spa look and feeling.


The family room. Is an excellent space for a hall table. The table can be placed against a wall or behind a sofa. Many people refer to this as a “sofa table.” Placing a table behind a sofa helps to add storage space as well as visual height if a large, tall object such as a big vase of flowers or a statue or other form of art is placed upon it.


Other spaces in the home for hall table decorating include bedrooms, dining rooms, dens, home offices and guest rooms. As long as the table is proportionately sized for the space and is not in the way of the normal traffic flow, then feel free to add one to any room. Place it against the wall, at the head or foot of a bed or behind a loveseat or sofa to bring interest to the room and a surface for decorative items as well as extra storage.






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