5 Ideas for Furnishing a Timeless Guest Bathroom


When you tell your guests “make yourself at home,” you mean it. You want your family, friends and acquaintances to walk away from a stay at your house feeling refreshed and ready to reflect on the wonderful time they had. Whether you’re playing host for a night, a weekend or an extended stay, it’s up to you to facilitate a smooth stay for your houseguests.

Aside from having a comfortable place to lay their head at night, your guests need a clean, convenient guest bathroom to use every morning and evening. After all, you wouldn’t dream of dealing with a subpar master bathroom day after day! Providing a great guest bathroom shows your visitors that you care about their comfort and privacy under your roof.

Just think about it this way: How would you feel if you couldn’t figure out where to store your toiletries upon arrival? Or if you had to fumble around in a dim room to get ready each morning? Designing a guest bathroom that looks attractive and functions flawlessly is one way to rack up serious host or hostess points!

Here are five ideas for furnishing a timeless guest bathroom that will make everyone’s stay just a little brighter (not to mention better looking):

Counter Space: More is Better

There is no decoration in the world better than a patch of clear countertop. It’s a serious relief to walk into a bathroom and have a place to set your toiletries, glasses, hair dryer and more. Make sure your guests have enough surface space to work with to make their stay comfortable—and if your counter is on the smaller side, consider adding a side table or stool to the room.

Stick to the Essentials

As HGTV writes, “Guest baths are more like hotel bathrooms; they don’t have to be as luxurious as a master bath or as whimsical as a powder room. There’s no need for elaborate showers, grand tubs or several sinks.”

When you’re wondering how to set up your guest bathroom, prioritize a sink, a shower and a toilet. If there’s extra room, adding a tub is a generous amenity. But keep usability in the forefront of your mind. Unlike when it comes to countertop space, less is more in terms of the entire room’s flow. 

The Storage Sweet Spot

You want to provide your guests with ample storage space—but not so much empty space that the room feels cold, empty or lonely. How can you achieve a healthy balance? A modern bathroom vanity is the perfect way to offer surface, drawer and shelf space without going overboard.

Positioning a sleek vanity under a mirror is the best way to create a convenient “getting ready” station for your guests. All of the supplies they need are in one place; no rushing about the room or craning their necks necessary. Plus, it’s easy to find a model that fits your home’s style, whether you favor natural woods or more classic black and white bathroom finishes. 

Focus on Fabrics

What adds warmth to a restroom? Colors and textures, of course. And where do we find these important features? Usually within the fabrics of the room. To offset the metals, tiles, porcelain and wood found throughout the rest of the room, you’ll need some softness.

The shower curtain is a great place to start, not to mention cozy bathmats are great for chilly mornings when guests step out of the shower. Choose towels in a pleasant, attention-grabbing hue, and don’t forget to coordinate rugs, stools and washcloths with your chosen theme.

Create a Cohesive Lighting Scheme

A single ceiling fixture simply won’t cut it in a guest bathroom, especially after nightfall. You also can’t expect a single row of lights above the mirror to help guests get ready. It’s sure to wash them out and make it difficult to get a handle on their appearance.

It’s up to you to consciously layer the lighting and create an ambient space for your guests. In addition to general light from above, provide light at face-height around the room. Southern Living suggests hanging a pair of sconces on either side of the mirror to balance the illumination. To cap it off, the gentle glow of a night light can guide guests when it’s dark.

So there you have it: the essential components to furnishing your guest bathroom. And since convenience and modernity never go out of style, your guests will be able to reap the benefits for years to come.