Vintage Suitcases Used As Furniture


Vintage Suitcases Used As Furniture – Vintage items, such as suitcases and steam trunks, are becoming fashionable again, but often in ways that you might not have initially envisioned, such as tables, chairs, and planters. Here are great five furniture ideas from vintage suitcases that you can use in various parts of your home décor:

1. The most obvious use of vintage suitcases and similar items is obviously seating, as it is not difficult to imagine using a rectangle as a place to sit. You can make an adorable retro-looking seat for a child out of a vintage suitcase, simply by using boards to stiffen the sides and hold the suitcase in place.

Similarly you can stuff the suitcase, zip it shut, and use it for a unique window seat cushion that looks great and is a neat finishing touch in a retro room. It functions much like a cushion on a leather couch.


2. Vintage suitcases make unique tables with some repurposing, and they are wonderful additions to family rooms, guest bedrooms, and similar social gathering spaces. Simply add basic table legs that coordinate with the suitcases to create an interesting table that can be used just like the average coffee table, nightstand, or end table. Screw the legs onto pieces of wood to make the table strong and durable, and then affix the wood underneath the suitcase. Use glue or similar adhesive to hold the braces inside the suitcase, since screws and nails would not hold and would poke through.

3. Some vintage suitcases are more like decorated boxes, and these work great for propping up feet or as decorative props in the room. Finding accessories for a retro room that look great can be a challenge, so a vintage suitcase can really add that old-school look to a room that also has some modern, contemporary pieces. They work great with a variety of color palettes, so they make excellent accessories for rooms with different themes and styles. Whether it is intended as a focal point or just that perfect finishing touch, they also make wonderful conversation pieces in a social gathering area.

4. Using the same basic steps as for a vintage suitcase table, you can also create an interesting stool. It just requires legs that are long enough to be classified as stool legs, such as removing the top of a vintage barstool and replacing it with the suitcase.

5. Although not technically a form of furniture, a vintage suitcase makes an excellent planter for an indoor plant collage. Set something absorbent, such a board or plastic cutting tray, into the bottom of the suitcase to absorb water that leaks from the plants, and to make cleanup of soil much easier. Add plants of different heights, types, and colors to create a beautiful indoor garden collage that is very unique.