How To Make A Flower Bouquet Last Longer?


How To Make A Flower Bouquet Last Longer? – Some flowers pose particular problems, shortening the life of the whole bouquet. If a flower bouquet contains some of the following flowers, it is best to dismantle and put the flowers in separate vases.

Daffodils. Do not mix daffodils with other flowers because they exude a slimy sap that contaminates the rest.

lf you feel your arrangement will be incomplete without a few heads of narcissi nodding tremulously in the vase, cut the flower stems and soak in water for 12 hours, then add to the vase without cutting again. Special bulb cut flower food is also available.

Lilies. The main problem with lilies is their pollen, which stains fabrics and carpets irrevocably and will eat into wood if it drops on furniture. Removing the stamens will prevent this, as well as prolonging the life of the lilies. Pull the stamens off; do not cut them. You can drop them straight into an old envelope, screw it up and then throw it away.

If pollen falls on to a wooden surface, remove it immediately with a soft duster. lf it falls on to carpet or upholstery, do not wipe because you will rub it  into the fabric and leave an indelible stain.

First, vacuum up as much as possible, hovering the nozzle over the pollen (do not touch the fabric). Any residue can simply be lifted off using sticky tape.

Roses. Roses are so often a scentless, drooping disappointment, but try the following. Remove all leaves except the last set nearest the flower head. After cutting the flower stem, stand the bottom 5 cm of stem in boiling water for 20 seconds. Soak for 12 hours in cool, deep water before cutting again and arranging in the vase in fresh water. Use flower food. Keep as cool as possible.

Tulips. Tulips have a tendency to droop languidly over the edge of the vase in a dispiriting way. To avoid this, after cutting the stems and removing most of the leaves, wrap the bunch of tulips very tightly in kitchen foil, leaving an inch or two of bare stem at the bottom. Soak in deep water for 12 hours. Wrapping  the tulips allows the stems to take up water while remaining straight. Next day,  unwrap them and put in a vase of fresh water.