Tropical Prints: Interior Trend 2018


Tropical Prints: Interior Trend 2018 – Tropical prints are still in trend for spring/summer 2018! But this year, we will see a focus on tropical prints with dark, jungle-esque backgrounds, and leaf prints in their true, deep green colors. Almost anything that is typical of the sun, sea and sand can inject that tranquil feeling of being on a perfect beach and being soothed by swaying palm trees or an ebbing ocean.

Soft fabrics in bold, Caribbean prints can create a tropical feel to drapes, upholstery, throws, pillows, lampshades, table settings, trays, or even bedding. Have a look on internet for some exciting tropical print designs in uniquely fresh hand printed fabrics, and an island-inspired selection of home accessories to add to your lifestyle.

Think natural tones of the ocean, sand and tropical jungle for walls; tans, aqua’s, light greens, creams and bright white with accents in either pastel shades reminiscent of the Colonial era, or bursts of vibrant exotic fruit colors to make featured areas ‘pop’.

Tropical prints of every style are highly popular now. You can use fabrics that contain patterns of palm trees, hibiscus blooms and floral designs. Whether you’d like more of a floral motif featuring ferns, palm trees or hibiscus; or even beaches, palm trees, surf boards, sunsets or cool tiki huts..they’re all rich, colorful and relaxing options for any bedroom.

Look for tropical wall prints that feature palm trees or large palm leaves. Pineapple prints are another surefire tropical style addition to your living room.

For a bolder look, muted colored walls and using the bright colors for accents will allow the colors to stand out, without being overwhelming. The combination of bold and natural colors will work together as that is what the tropics is all about, natural beauty. A few brightly colored throw rugs will add a fun feeling.