Decorate Using Turquoise Color


Decorate Using Turquoise Color – Turquoise is actually a popular color in today’s home decor. Whether you make it your primary color or you want to accent your decor with it, turquoise can help you complete any look. Some say that turquoise is a bold color while others say that turquoise is an accent color.

If you want the color or turquoise to rule the decor, then paint the wall in turquoise and accent in white. If you want to only accent with this color, then you can paint the walls a solid neutral color like white, cream or beige and then accent in turquoise. This brilliant color matches with all earth tone or neutral colors. You may want to use the colors cream turquoise, and chocolate. These three colors go well together and make a world of difference.


You need area rugs that have the color of turquoise and earth toned colors. Today, you have a variety of different textures in area rugs to choose from. For example, choose bamboo rugs that will accent any decor you have in turquoise. Southwestern rugs are great rugs to coordinate with the color of turquoise. You can hang these on the wall as well as the floor. If you place the rugs on the floor make sure that you balance them in the room so they don’t make the room look distracting.


If you are using turquoise to accent your room, choose turquoise vases, pillows, and lampshades. You can also use turquoise colored glass combined with seashells in a clear vase. You can set these vases on shelves, on end tables, or on coffee tables. Be creative in designing your room the way that it can display all your items you want to show off in your new decor.

If you really want a color to coordinate with turquoise, try matching it with Jade. This is not only a vivid color but it coordinates well with turquoise. You can add fringes and ribbons on the edge of lampshades or use this color as tiebacks with curtains.


You can also add other bold colors like orange, lime, yellow, or fuchsia to coordinate with turquoise. Make or purchase table covers with these colors in them in order to get a different look. You can change the colors per season or just because you want a little difference in the look.

When you are done with the look, you should step out of the room for a little bit. When you walk back into the room, you should be able to look around the room and feel calm and relaxed. If you feel distracted, you may have too much of the turquoise color in the room. Try eliminating a few different items that are turquoise and see if that helps.

When you walk into the room and you feel happy, calm, and relaxed then you know that you have found the true balance in the room.