Use Of Pink, Gray And White Colors In Interior Design


Use Of Pink, Gray And White Colors In Interior Design – Certain color combinations always come back every few years, so it’s perfectly acceptable to invest in a color combination that is trendy, as chances are it will come back. Pink, gray and white is a perfect example of a currently trendy color scheme that has shown up in the past and will continue to show up in the future. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to come up with decorating ideas for this trendy set of hues.

Trendy color schemes: pink, gray and white

The biggest advantage (and perhaps the reason it comes back every few years) is that pink, when combined with gray, can be both masculine and feminine at the same time.


Pink, Gray And White Colors In Interior Design

For women, this is a huge plus because pink tends to be a favorite color but husbands, boyfriends and fiances around the world are often highly, highly against pink decor of any kind. However, pairing pink with gray and white allows a number of decorating schemes from bedroom designs to living room designs that are masculine in nature but still incorporate a pink hue.

If you are decorating with a man in your life, it may be ideal to keep the pink toned down. Opt to follow the 60/30/10 design rule where you have gray as the main color, which accounts for 60 percent of the space. Then, 30 percent can either be pink or white, though 10 percent pink is preferable in many stances. Plus, when the main colors of the room are gray and white, pink tends to stand out more and feel more noticeable without being overwhelming.


For example, a bedroom design that uses this color combination could feature light gray walls. Textured grasscloth is suitable and can make the room feel masculine when painted in this hue. The linens of the bed can be pure white, while the furniture in this bedroom design could be painted a slate gray hue. A few light pink throw pillows can be added to the bed, as can a few home accessories in shades of pink, such as photographs of cherry blossoms or even light pink lamp bases.