Rose Quartz: Color Of The Year 2016


Rose Quartz: Color Of The Year 2016 – Rose Quartz has the grace of the minerals it gets its name from and is perfect to fit ambiances, as well as interior details, fabrics, table sets and much more. Rose Quartz has a lot of use possibilities and we can already forsee their success. Fashion is already displaying amazing designs in this tone, designers are studying how to better include it in their new projects.

Rose Quartz is a very soft pink, but do not be afraid of pink in the home. Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.


Rose Quartz is close to a ‘nude pink’, giving it flexibility in interior design color schemes. Rose Quartz can be used in any room of a house, and works well alongside mid-tone colors like light blue, peach and lilac gray.

What better way to do this than opting for Rose Quartz? An armchair, sofa or pillows all look fabulous in this color! Take for example the eclectic living room, where gold and brown hues blend beautifully with the Rose Quartz colored furniture.


If you are planning to repaint your walls this year then why not go for a splash of Rose Quartz? Don’t be so quick on the trigger to dismiss is it as an overly feminine color. A touch of Rose Quartz on the walls can be as warming as a hug. If you have a small home, perhaps consider a pink feature wall by painting only one of the four walls in Rose Quartz and leaving the remaining walls white to balance ambience with intimacy.

Having Rose Quartz dishware with copper detail, will make a real statement. Their pink shades will evoke a sense of classical style, leaving your guests in awe!