White Painted Furniture For Relaxing Look Of Your Home


White Painted Furniture For Relaxing Look Of Your Home – If you need lighter furniture because your room is small then it doesn’t come much lighter than a white painted finish. White furniture is extremely popular today and it’s no wonder because the look you get with it can be stunning in any room of your home. Using white painted furniture to create a look gives you several things, it creates the look of space and makes rooms appear larger and it is also very easy to care for. Those two things alone are enough to recommend white painted furniture to most but it does lend itself to making a room seem calm and relaxing.

Imagine a large dresser in your kitchen which would give you lots of storage space and plenty of space to display your cook books or expensive cookware.

If that dresser is made of a dark wood then it could actually make the kitchen seem smaller and it will almost certainly dominate the room. A large white painted dresser will give you exactly the same with regards to storage but it will blend and fit in to the room without the feeling of it taking over the space.


Of course white furniture in a bedroom is stunning and it allows you to be creative with other aspects of the room and use color and texture. A white painted bed would look so inviting covered with pillows and bright throws. White painted furniture can also effectively mix with other furniture; even solid wood and its ability to match with other furniture make it a very good buy. A large white painted wardrobe, bed and bedside cabinets in your bedroom would simply highlight the room and it would go with carpet or even laminate flooring, and looks great with bright rugs and wall hangings.


The beauty of white painted furniture is it will sit in a room as a stand-alone item or it can be placed to add contrast. A soft neutrally decorated living room with a lot of white furniture is a look that screams space and light. White painted furniture gives a feel of tranquility to your home and that is another reason it is highly sought after. As to a living room there are TV cabinets, tables, display cabinets and dressers that can give you a total overall white furniture look. A white painted display cabinet could easily fit into a dark corner or space and immediately brighten the area and creating the illusion of more space.


In a lot of modern homes space is limited and using lighter or white painted furniture can make even the smallest of rooms seem more spacious and less dark. Pure white painted furniture can create an elegant and refined look if that’s what you like and it’s easy to accomplish as the furniture itself lends itself to that kind of feel. A lot of people are put of white painted furniture as they think it will fade or discolor over time but that isn’t the case with modern paint finishes.


Any white furniture you buy will continue to look fabulous long after it’s left the showroom or store. Don’t be afraid to play around with white furniture when mixing it with other pieces you have as even a single white painted furniture item mixed in with darker furniture can look very good. Be a little imaginative and give a room in your home the white painted furniture look and sit back and listen to all the compliments you receive.





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