The Most Important Items For Your Beach House


The Most Important Items For Your Beach House – The next time you spend a few extra hours at the beach consider how great it would be to end the day of swimming and sand-play or partying on the boardwalk by relaxing in your own beach house! Setting the atmosphere merely requires looking at the surrounding landscape. Minimal furnishings add to the light, airy feel and may inspire you to extend your weekend. People in today’s generation love to invest in beach houses, most especially those who want to live a quiet life. An escape by the sea from the crowded and difficult nature of life in the city, that’s why it has become very popular and in demand with second-home buyers. Most of these buyers will seek out beach homes to have a vacation house during summer while others would really prefer to live spend all their time near the sea, because of its quiet and natural atmosphere.


After you purchase a beach home, it is important to think of how to get the best return. This will require a little planning that will pay big dividends in the enjoyment area. Here is a small check-list to prepare that home-away for your next visit. Let us first consider the basic needs that you must have in your beach home. A few of these are: travel adapters for your cell-phones, blow-dryer, toothbrushes, soaps, toilet tissue, Kleenex, hygienic wipes (baby wipes are great!), travel size toiletries in every variety, large beach towels or pool towels, pillows and blankets, beach toys for kids or guests. Consider additional accessories such as CD players, MP3 players and extra batteries, alarm clocks for each bedroom, fans and space heaters for each bedroom.

coastal bathroom accessories

Considering the beach house bathroom, check first for adequate storage or a table for toiletry kits, non-slip bathtub mats, small bath rugs and slippers in several sizes of the dollar-store variety. These slippers may be machine washed after being used by guests or discarded. You will want to fill a cleaning caddy with your favorite cleaning products so that these are available should the need arise, especially if you don’t plan on using a weekly housekeeping service. The minimum would be spray disinfectant, paper towels and a toilet brush.


The most public areas of your beach house should have good lighting for reading, a desk with an adjustable chair and a selection of various firmness and size bed-pillows with protective covers. For those who can’t leave the office completely behind internet is a must have and wireless access for your guests will assure they leave your desk and office-area alone. A PC is a nice-to-have if you don’t want to tote a laptop to the beach and consider a multi-function printer/scanner/fax if you need any of these, it can be money well spent if you decide to make this a semi-permanent home or just a longer vacation! A land-line with corded phone in case of a power outage is a must-have as well. When phone outlets are installed, the office area should have at least two with one being for a cordless phone.


Finally, the most important part of the house in my opinion is the kitchen. Consider having a juicer, blender, and waffle or crepe iron. Rice or a vegetable steamer or similar cooker that may be used in the microwave is a nice-to-have. Two or three good knives are fine if there’s only one cook in the kitchen and a set of pots and pans with lids. A small collection of inexpensive dinnerware and flatware is fine for the beach house unless you plan to do some serious entertaining. As is glassware, 4-6 of each type of your favorites. Wine glasses are not necessary if you already have a set of old-fashioned’s for other uses. Once again, don’t forget paper towels, spray disinfectant for the kitchen area, liquid dish soap and dishwasher tabs if your beach house has a dishwasher.


Keeping the beach house stocked with the needed items above is not a chore, just requires a little planning and can be done ‘as you go’. Kitchen stocks above are for those who love to prepare meals at home and certainly very basic essentials. Obviously, personal preference may require others not mentioned. If you have all these items listed above, we’re pretty sure you’ll love your stay in the beach home whether you want it for good or for a good vacation.