Home Renovation: How To Provide More Space In The Home?


Home Renovation: How To Provide More Space In The Home? Sometimes when you come home, you realize how cramped and tight your home is and it makes you wish you had more space available. You are not alone as a lot of people are having this same issue. But, if you come to think about it, is it really the size of your home that’s causing that slight claustrophobic feeling or is there something wrong with the design?

The real cause for the lack of space is not the lack of it, but the arrangement of your furniture and how the interior of the home is designed. Here are some simple home renovation tips to help you maximize space.



Remove unnecessary walls

Sometimes, walls are just placed where they don’t belong or in places where they don’t have any practical purpose. These walls can make the place feel cramped and tight. For example, you don’t really need a wall separating the living room and the dining room and it will not hurt your house a bit if you remove it. Take a look at your home and see which division walls are really important and have a renovation company remove walls that are only making your home claustrophobic.



Install shelving or cabinets

One of the reasons why many people’s homes feel cramped is they are wasting too much space. If you put everything on the floor, for example, there will be no longer a lot of space to walk on. Having shelves and cabinets in the living room to organize your stuff will free a lot of space. Not only that, shelving or cabinets will also make it easier to find your things because they are better organized.



Use simple, compact fixtures and appliances

Having big appliances and furniture is nice if you have a big home, but if you live in a house that’s small to average size, you should stick to compact fixtures and appliances. We are in the times when technology is aiming to make smaller electronics – get on with the program. Small speakers for example can beat big ones in terms of sound quality, so why choose a big one that takes a lot of space? Instead of placing your flat screen HD TV on a stand, why not mount it on a wall and save some space?



Bring in natural daylight

Many home designers now advocate the use of natural daylight not only as a way to save on energy bills, but also to make the home more comfortable. Add a skylight or expand a window to let in dispersed light to break shadows. shadows strain the eyes and make spaces look smaller than they are.



Pick light paint colors for your walls

Dark wall coverings mute natural light, making the room seem smaller, so be very careful what colors you choose for your walls. Pastel colors like light blue, cream or beige make your home feel bigger and more comfortable.