Feng Shui Bedroom Tips


Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Good luck and peace are intangibles that everyone craves for. And there are several ways in which one can attain these desires. These days people are looking for creative and new ways of bringing peace in life and ensuring some extra luck. One way is by following the feng shui tipsof being. The goal is to enhance the flow of the positive energy and to create a harmonious environment that supports good health and beckons happiness. The feng shui system emphasizes on the arrangement of objects and rooms in a certain manner. According to the system this arrangement brings good luck to the resident of the house. One of the most important rooms in a house is the bedroom. It comes as little surprise that the feng shui bedroom tips has specific guidelines for its position and for way in which things are arranged in it.

One thing that you can do is to place flowers in your feng shui bedroom. The flowers provide a great sense of calm to the eyes. And their fragrance will always please you. The energy of the flowers is neutral. But they are great in many other senses. So follow the feng shui tips and place flowers in your bedroom.


Another thing you might want to look at when you are deciding the structure of your room is the placement of your bed. You need to ensure that your head is supported by a solid wall that is directly behind you. Also try to ensure that you sleep in your best direction. If your best direction were to be north then it would be worth trying to ensure that you sleep in that direction.


Another thing that you can do is to try not to sleep with a beam or a cupboard above your head. If there is a beam above your head, you can hang a piece of cloth below the beam to take away the negative effect. Also try not to have a reflective surface facing you as you sleep. This would allow the negative energy to leave. If you cannot move the reflective surface, cover it with a piece of cloth just before you sleep. You should also try to remove any extra things from the bedroom that you do not use regularly. You need to clean the cupboards regularly to avoid any negative energy. It is also important not to keep anything that is negative in nature in the bedroom.


Decorate the bedroom in peaceful colors. Your bedroom should be the place of relaxation. The Feng Shui recommended colors like green and blue. Add earth tones or darker shades for contrasting which gives an autumn feeling. Looking to the wall colors, it should be like giving the feel of balancing.


You should try to keep pairs in your feng shui bedroom. If you have a painting it would be good if it had a couple in it. If your bedroom had candles then try to ensure that the candles are in pairs. These would enhance your luck. You can also place a small water feature or a picture of water along with something colored blue in the east of your room. You can also place a pair of ducks in your room. These would help in increasing the positive energy flowing within the bedroom.

Using feng shui mirror. It is believed that a mirror near the foot-bed can multiply the happiness and fortune and also helps improves the communication in the relationship. According to Feng Shui mirrors are “Yang” active energizers.


If you follow these guidelines then it is likely that you would be blessed with good luck. And that is something that all of us want to be blessed with. So go ahead and make that these changes. You will be better off for having made them. And making them may also give your bed room a new flavor and a new ambiance which can help you relax and look great too. After all who doesn?t love innovation and novelty in life? These tips of feng shui may not only bring luck but can also bring peace of mind and satisfaction and calm in your surroundings. Make these changes and experience a new way of life and relaxation along with some extra luck to help you in life.