Popular Kitchen Trends For 2016: Comeback Of Copper!


Popular Kitchen Trends For 2016: Comeback Of Copper! – There are a variety of ways to bring copper into the kitchen this year, and metal finishes are a great trend to jump on board with. From copper kitchen range hoods, to faucets, countertops and other elements check out some of the best ways to upgrade or build a kitchen and make it stand out from the rest.

Copper kitchen range hoods

Add warmth to a kitchen with a copper kitchen range hood. They come in various shapes, styles, sizes and can be mounted to the wall, under the cabinet and over the island. Rather than simply a functional element, copper kitchen range hoods have become more of a centerpiece to the kitchen of 2016.

They can be made custom to fit the kitchen perfectly or ready-to-assemble and they can be easily mounted by any professional or do-it-yourself. Shop around for unique styles and have fun with this copper addition.


Copper countertops

Choosing a copper countertop will certainly set a kitchen apart from any other. This soft and beautiful metal will age well and gain more character over time. Some choose to shine them, while others prefer to let them age. Copper will be less expensive than other options, and as a bonus it will kill bacteria better than most materials; it is also easy to clean.


Copper fixtures

Copper kitchen fixtures are the perfect way to add metal elements to the décor. They’re great with a copper sink, which is great to have as copper repels bacteria. Copper faucet, soap dispenser, and drawer pulls are just a few ideas.

Often times, if one is having a copper kitchen range hoods custom built, they can also order a sink to match from the same manufacturer.


Copper cookware

Invest in some copper cookware and hang it over the island or on a wall. It will add interest and make the kitchen look more professional. Copper is known as the best metallic conductor next to silver, and because the temperature spreads evenly throughout the pan there will be less a chance of burning.

Classy and timeless, copper cookware has long been used and sought after by chefs worldwide, so displaying it in the kitchen is always a good decision.


Copper lighting

There is a wide variety of copper lighting on the market today. Adding this efficient and unique element to the kitchen is always a smart move. The lighting can hang over the island in a pendant style, over a table or be mounted on the wall. There are several options!


Copper backsplashes

While the backsplash is a functional addition to a kitchen, it’s also an artistic element. A copper backsplash can simply be a sheet of copper mounted behind the cook top, or it can be compromised of tiles that are spread behind the range, and all under the cabinetry for a beautiful look. There are no limits to the type of backsplashes available via home improvement stores and special suppliers.


Be creative

The beauty of using copper for the various elements in a kitchen is that they don’t have to match perfectly, and they easily go with stainless steel to create a very unique look unlike any other. Decorators shouldn’t be afraid to mix copper items with other metal finishes as they can be brought together easily with soap dishes, spoon rests and other items that perhaps have both finishes upon them.

Mixing and matching coppers and other metals is a fun choice for the kitchen 2016, but also looks great in bathrooms, bedrooms and a variety of other rooms within the home. One is only limited to their imagination when using copper and making the home more stylish than ever this year.