Home Entrance Improvement


Home Entrance Improvement – First impressions are important, and of course, your home’s front entrance is the first thing that guests see upon entering your home. The question is, what do they see when they walk in? Does your entryway draw admiration, or disdain? Many people fork over money for home entrance improvements like new siding, windows, or landscaping work, but rarely think about how the front door entrance appears.

When someone first arrives at your home and looks at the entrance, you want something that shows the pride you have in your home. If you are lacking this, then it’s time to revamp your front door entrance. A new door, especially a custom wood door will enhance your front entry.


Coming up with ideas to spruce up the front door entrance to your home isn’t as much of a chore as it once might have been. In years past, you would probably have driven by a sampling of homes to come up with ideas of the type of front entrance that would suit your home. But now more than ever, it’s easy to look at materials online, in print, or on television. From television programs that cover home decorating, to magazines and websites that feature door galleries, there’s no shortage of places to get ideas for your front entrance. You can even take advantage of a home improvement store near you. While you may not want to buy materials there, it’s certainly a great place to get some inspiration. If you have difficulty coming up with creative ideas, perusing displays can help you solidify in your mind the type of entryway you want so that you can work closely with a custom millwork company and get exactly what you want.

There are a number of options these days when it comes to front door entrances to help bring more appeal to your home. One of these options is Corinthian inspired architecture that you can employ when designing your front entrance door. This style features stately columns and carvings ranging from simple designs to ornate stone columns. Whether you choose only a few of these elements or a full blown Corinthian design, you’ll need to keep your preferences and your budget in mind. Another popular design is the Georgian Colonial which is a more traditional look.

Another popular option is a double door entryway. These have gained in popularity in recent years and provide your home with a regal and elegant ambiance. Provided your entryway wall is large enough to accommodate this type of door, these can radically modify the look and feel of your home.

Green technology is another emerging trend when it comes to selecting front entrance doors. Many custom door builders have adopted environmentally friendly standards that combine two key elements. First, doors are created in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment by reducing unnecessary waste, reusing and recycling as many materials as possible, and using materials and processes that are as ‘green’ as possible in manufacturing the finished product. The second part of this environmentally friendly approach involves creating doors that are energy efficient to reduce the use of energy in the home.