Important Features Of A Dining Room


Important Features Of A Dining Room – The dining room adds an enjoyable social dimension to the consumption of food. It can bring a family together at mealtimes as well as enabling people to host gatherings for friends and colleagues. Dining areas are common features of a kitchen or living room, but a separate room set aside for eating can increase the level of intimacy and relaxation.

Ideally, the decor of a dining room should be soothing and unobtrusive. Bright colors may detract from one’s culinary skills and prove distracting. Instead use plain, deep colors to help create an intimate, warm atmosphere. Furnishings should compliment the dining room rather than divert attention so spectacular, over-elaborate paintings or pictures may not be the ideal kind of decor.


Lighting is one of most important features of a dining room playing an important role in creating the right sort of atmosphere. Dimmer lights can be used very effectively to maintaining the correct ambience and are easily adjustable, according to mood and purpose. Candles are also worth considering and can help to create the relaxing kind of lighting so important to a dinner engagement.

The table is central to a dining room. Round tables are good for informal gatherings and can cater for a number of guests. However, they don’t usually have the space for serving dishes and other dining accessories during a meal, which means excessive clutter during dining. Rectangular tables are more suited for this purpose and are able to house larger gatherings of four to eight people, as well as providing space for extra dishes and plates. Oval tables with extendable leaves provide a space-effective alternative, able to cater for even more guests. In addition, they are easily stored during non-dining periods.


Dining chairs usually come as part of a dining set and are designed in proportion to the table. If you chose to buy separately close attention should be payed to the chair’s dimensions – seating height is of course very important. It would be also be a good idea to include cushions for dining chairs to ensure the utmost comfort for the occupants. Popular versions come with attachable bows that can be tied to the chair frame.

Mealtimes come with a large collection of accessories such as serving dishes and plates. A table can fill up quickly with these items so adequate storage space is important. Sideboards can prove attractive enhancements to a dining room. Although the scale of these furniture pieces should be carefully considered – over-sized sideboards can have an imposing effect on a dining area. Hostess trolleys offer another alternative and can be easily moved around the room. They’re also useful at keeping plates and dishes warm.