Photos Can Enhance The Energy In Your Home


A common mistake people make when incorporating Feng Shui principles in to their home is to de-personalize their interior space. Somehow in the desire to get the Feng Shui perfect they lose sight of the reason why they are redecorating, to bring balance and harmony to their life. Unless you are selling your home, in which case you may need to tone down your own personal style a little bit, your home should be a reflection of your own personality, it should be a space which you love, which gives a statement to the world of the person that you are. Good Feng Shui is about aligning your own energies with the energy in your immediate environment, it is not about trying to create a perfectly balanced space which looks great but feels impersonal to you. A lot of your time is spent at home and no matter how well you have decorated, the energy is not going to feel positive and harmonious if you feel uncomfortable when you are there.

One of the best ways to personalize your home is to display photos. Everybody love photos and we have photographs displayed in many of the rooms in our home. Photos remind you of good times, help you to feel positive about yourself and spread happiness and joy. Looking at photos that you like, and remembering the time you was having when the photos was taken instantly lifts your spirits and makes you feel happier and more positive as a result.


Where to display your photos?

Although we have a lot of photos displayed around our home there is method in the placement. Photos can be very symbolic and so you should always think carefully about the location when placing photographs in your own home. Following the Feng Shui tips below will help you to not only personalize your space but raise the energy levels around your home as well.


To strengthen family relationships, and especially if you are experiencing conflict between family members, display family photos in your living room, or the room in your house where you spend most time together as a family. Family relationships are strengthened by the element wood so display family photos in wooden frames and group them together in the east side of the room.


To strengthen the relationship between you and your partner display a photos in your bedroom of the two of you together. Ensure that you choose a photos where you are facing one another, a photo where you are looking away from each other is just going to remind you of your differences. For photos of the two of you try and display them in a stone, marble or crystal frame.


If you are suffering from low self esteem, or are currently feeling a bit down place a favorite photo of yourself in the entrance hall, or the room that is in the south sector of your home. Place the photo on a south-facing wall so that the rays of the sun light it for much of the day.

Photos of yourself with friends should be displayed in the dining room of your home. This is the room where you entertain and displaying photos here will remind you of the great times that you have with your social network. It’s amazing how often your phone will ring with an invitation to dinner soon after you have placed a photograph of yourself with friends in the dining area of your home. Photos of you and your friends should be displayed in silver or other metal frames.


Finally to strengthen your career or business fortunes display a work photo in your home office or the room of your home which is in the north. Work photos should be displayed in glass or mirrored frames. Do not have too many work photos around your home as the home should be the place that you relax away from the pressures of work. One or at the most two are sufficient.