Hallway As A Beautiful And Practical Space


Decorating the hallway, stairs and landing sometimes is quite a difficult task. These areas are already very busy places, but their basic purpose is to link other rooms in the house or apartment. This means that they must not contain unnecessary items and furniture on which the one could stumble. The floors must not be polished, slippery or covered with an unfixed rugs. The lighting should be well placed and strong.

While the corridors and stairways are important traffic areas, tenants may be sometimes neglect their decorating just because of that. These areas then remain uninteresting, unused, and uncoordinated with other rooms.

With careful planning and decorating, the hallways can be used for a variety of tasks that do not impede traffic. So you can transform your hallway in a small gallery or library, or make a smallish workspace. Of course, remember their primary purpose – the corridors are primarily transient room.


Entering the house, what the guests first saw is the hallway. Because of that, make it pleasant. First impressions are always the most powerful, so that decorations can be very colorful and diverse.

Never neglect a basic purpose of the hallway. This does not exclude the other possibilities offered by such a space. During the renovation the busy areas you would have to know exactly what decor you want for your hallway. So ask yourself the following question: ‘Am I really happy with existing furniture arrangement in my hallway?’ Start works only when the answer is ‘No’.

Regardless of whether you’re one of the lucky ones who have large living space and the hallway use only for the welcoming guests, or you live in an apartment with a narrow and inappropriate hallway from which all the doors open, you need to pay much of your attention for its decorating.