Designing Your Home With an Oriental Rug


“Oriental rug” is likely a term you’ve heard quite frequently. Sometimes it’s the moniker for a Persian rug; sometimes it’s utilized to label specific styles of Oriental rugs; sometimes it’s the title equipped to any exotic looking carpet. Regardless of its usage, an Oriental rug is many things just like its flexible moniker. When it comes to an Oriental rug, even simplicity isn’t simple. You can find Oriental rugs adorned in sprawling elephants, floral patterns, or just vibrant colors without a single design to its name. Whatever you’re looking to add to your interior, an Oriental rug can do it fashionably.

So, what exactly do you get when you purchase an Oriental rug? Luxury, zest, magnificence, inspiration, artistry—these are only but a few terms that come to mind. You could have a massive display of artistic motifs in your carpet, or you could dial it back into something with a relaxed presentation. What it comes down to is that it’s your choice. No matter what you choose you will not be disappointed.

If this has enticed your interest in one of these luxurious beauties, we’d love to offer a glimpse into some of the most sought after rugs on the market:



-Deep colors

-Swelling designs

-Thorough and consistent in presentation


Alluring, detailed, thorough—the Tabriz. A wonderful and magnificent presentation adorned in a myriad of motifs. The Tabriz is a namesake held up by a constant traditional value. For centuries, the city of Tabriz has produced their titular carpets. The Tabriz aren’t the only carpets from here; no, the city of Tabriz is a historic carpet center. As time has gone on, the Tabriz has consistently maintained what makes it so extravagant: luscious designs, a centerpiece style of presentation, and a vibrant usage of color.



-Muted colors

-Extravagant display

-Extremely popular

-Flexible in its ability to mesh or “pop”

Unique in every form you can imagine, the Oushak has been a highly sought after item since its first conception. The Oushak provides a presentation that is different through an interesting avenue: its color. For most Oriental rugs, their usage of dyes usually crosses into two thresholds: light or dark. Sometimes there’s a mix of both, with certain tones being more dominant, but nonetheless this is the regular route.



-Red, red, red

-Exciting usage of dark colors to give the rug an attractive draw

-Etched designs across its surface

-Revolves around a centered medallion

If you’ve been looking for something that will draw in any house guest, look no further than the Kashan. With the Kashan comes an overture of elements. From its dyes to its etched designs, the Kashan has a plethora to offer. Across its surface you can find both light and dark tones in its hues, each accenting the floral motifs and a medallion found at the center. The final product is something that any house guest and any beholder will envy for its absolute grandeur.



-Impactful showcase

-The Heriz “puts on a show”

-Hard to not notice or admire

-Gives new meaning to the word “bright”

Last but certainly not least is the Heriz, another carpet that equips itself with a luxurious display. “Antiquity” is a title that every Heriz parades across their aspects.  Their structure is one of high detail, weaving vigorous tones with rigorous outlines. The overall approach of the Heriz is “rustic”; in other words, to publish a look that inspires beauty and heritage anytime you look at it. When you set eyes on a Heriz, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular keepsake.

Enticed? Interested? We hope our little list has given you a proper glimpse into the expansion world of Oriental rugs. We at are always around to provide you with any assistance sifting through the options in our expansive stock!