Decorative Tapestries In Contemporary Homes


Decorative Tapestries In Contemporary Homes – If you’re wanting to select a decorative tapestry for your home, then here are the top 7 tips that will help you out. Decorating your home is a personal decision, and if you have a partner or others living in your home, then remember to get their opinion as well. Here’s how to ensure that your choice is a superb one:

1. Consider the theme of your home decor

If your home has a certain feel and look to it, then you may want to stick with this theme. For example if you have a French styled home, a cottage home or a contemporary home, then select a work of art that will complement and go well with this style. With contemporary homes, the style can be quite varied and still fit in.


2. Consider the size of the wall

If you have a large wall, then a large work can make a more profound impact than a small wall hanging. In fact, a large tapestry can create a backdrop impression to a room or hallway to give the illusion that you’ve just walked into another place and time. Quite impressive.


3. Consider the colors surrounding

If you have a light colored wall, then most works can suit this space. But if your wall is strongly colored, then just ensure that the work will go well with that color. Most tapestries are forgiving this way as even a contrast in color can be very striking and even enhance the effect of the art piece.


Aubusson Handmade French Style Tapestry

4. Choose a tapestry that you like

Above all, despite the above considerations, you should choose a scene of design that you like. Some people prefer romantic scenes of François Boucher, while others prefer a verdure where foliage and nature abounds. Some prefer impressionistic art. Whichever way, select from a good range and find something that you like.


Tapestry is reminiscent of impressionistic paintings

5. Consider a work that has a specific impact

What this means is that the tapestry can have a specific impact depending on the scene that it’s portraying. For example, you can create an illusion of an enlarged living space by selecting a scene of the outdoors. You can add romance with a work depicting floral illustrations or a pastoral scene by Boucher. You can also create serenity with a scene of gondolas in Venetian canals.


Floral tapestry as focal point in contemporary home

6. Choose a tapestry that is backed with a tunnel

Most tapestries nowadays have a tunnel at the back. This is so that you can hang the tapestry easily by inserting a tapestry rod and using mounts on the wall. This makes the hanging of tapestries so much more convenient. Not many pieces come without a tunnel, but check anyway to make sure.


7. Frame the tapestry with a tapestry rod

Choosing a beautiful tapestry rod that features a scroll finial, Fleur de Lis finial or other elegant design can really finish a tapestry off very nicely. Consider the choice of rod whether it’s finished in black, rustic gold or other color with the colors and theme of the work itself.

So as you can see, you can use these above tips to help you select a wall tapestry art that will suit your room or home. It’s a personal process and one that will reap many rewards over the years as you enjoy the space that you live in with this beautiful form of art.


Neutral-colored modern tapestry in large living room


Woven and embroidered tapestry made by textile designer Tamara Jelača


Bohemian style of bedroom with colorful tapestry