Required Home Appliance – Vacuum Cleaner


More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and 20 million suffer from asthma, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. While Americans can’t control the allergens lurking in the great outdoors, there are many ways for them to take action inside the home to improve their indoor air quality and help reduce the severity of their symptoms.

These days vacuum cleaners are an absolute essential home appliance to own. We need our vacuums to get dirt and dust out of the carpets, clean our furniture, and dust hard floors. We take it for granted that we have a machine that is so efficient.

Home cleaning used to be a huge task before vacuum cleaners were invented. Floors would have to be scrubbed with brushes and brooms, carpets and rugs would be taken off the floor shaken, and then hung up outside to be beaten to get the dirt out of them. Vacuums really save us a lot of time and effort and are better for our health than breathing in all that dust.


Upright vacuum cleaners today make the task of cleaning floors much easier. They are lighter, more versatile, and come with bagged or a bag less design. There are more tools available on today’s vacuum cleaners than ever before for getting up pet hair, cleaning stairs, drapes, upholstery, and reaching hard to get areas.

Having a bag less vacuum cleaner means you don’t have to look for or spend money on more vacuum bags. You just push a button and the dirt cup of a bag less vacuum will empty right into the garbage can. However, you might want to do the emptying outside because some of the dirt and dust can fly back up into the air when you are getting rid of the contents.

Vacuum cleaners vary, and there is a wide selection to choose from including canisters, uprights, handhelds, robotic, and wet/ dry vacuums.

vacuum cleaner

Considering the vacuum cleaners that would best suit your cleaning needs is important when choosing a vacuum to buy. Think about what your vacuum will be used for in your home, you might have pets, stairs, or hard wood floors, so you may need a vacuum cleaner that can clean all of these surfaces and get up pet hair. You may just need a handheld vacuum for getting high out of reach corners in your home.

In general if you spend some extra money on a vacuum that has stronger suction or some other nice features, consider it a good investment. Regular vacuuming with any vacuum cleaner is a good idea, but when you have one that has the extra attachments and stronger suction then you can reach deep down into your carpets and rugs to get more of the dirt and help to prevent your carpets from wearing out.