Adding The Fall Warmth To Your Room


Adding the fall warmth to a room can mark the change in seasons for the entire family, ushering in football, holidays, and cups of cocoa after school. And it can be easy, dramatic, and inexpensive! Follow these three simple steps to take any room in your home from summer simple, to fall fabulous in just one day!

1. Add rich, warm color! Whatever your main wall color is in your room, paint your focal wall a deep shade of that color. No major color scheme change here, everything you already have in that room will still work because you are just increasing the present color scheme.


For instance, if your walls are a pale peach, paint your focal wall a rich terra cotta. Light sage? Paint that focal wall a deep warm green. Just have white walls? Here is your chance to develop a color scheme and bring a lot of warmth into your room. Pick any one color you love, plus white, and you have a color scheme! Still love your white walls? Then paint the focal wall a rich cream, or even a chocolate brown. Remember, its just paint, and you can always paint it back in an afternoon with a cheap can of paint!


2. Change out a few of your accessories. Pick up a couple of candles in your new rich focal wall color and set them out on a pretty plate, or add just one throw pillow to the couch and chair in that color. Pick up some ribbon in that hue and use it to tie back curtains, or wrap it around pillows a few times and tie with a pretty bow. Add a throw blanket from the linen closet draped over the easy chair, and a stack of books on the end table to read on a cool night. You don’t need to go buy out the home section, just add a few quick touches to warm up the room.


3. Add elements from the nature! Nothing says the harvest season like displaying the fruits of natures bounty in your home. Set out a bowl full of nuts and nestle a candle in the middle, scatter pressed fall leaves over your mantel or coffee table, or tie branches into bundles, add some dried flowers and hang over doorways. Display fruits and vegetables on your kitchen counter or take the kids on a nature walk and fill a large clear jar with gifts from Mother Nature (always follow laws about collecting, however).


There you go, three quick steps and in one day you’ve created a room for your loved ones that breathes the comfort and coziness of fall season.