The Crossbox House In Pont Péan, France


The Crossbox House In Pont Péan, France – The Crossbox House is a excellent example of how imaginative tips and layout innovation can generate surprises. This project is a prototype of a Three-dimensional modular and industrialized house, built from four shipping containers. Created by Clément Gillet Architectes, the residence is all about modest utilizes and serves the want for a small household. It is found in Pont Péan, France and spreads over an spot of 1,120 sq ft.

The home design has been produced by utilizing previous shipping containers by recycling them, which makes the residence as significantly livable like any other. With use of outdated boxes, the residence is certainly well worth enjoying and has a very good sum of living room.


The first floor volume was painted in a beautiful shade of dark grey, while the second floor volume has cladding painted in different shades of green.

Another small volume, dressed in pieces of natural wood stands near the home. This color combination is the perfect mix between natural and contemporary. The interior of the house is cosy and bright, large enough to offer the inhabitants a comfortable living area. Featuring a green roof, this container home offers additional space for planting greens necessary in a household.