Teen’s Bedroom Furniture Ideas


Teen’s Bedroom Furniture Ideas – Teenagers and their bedrooms is a messy subject. It’s messy because teens are generally messy, and their bedrooms usually reflect their chaotic and developing brains. So while your emerging adult may still have vestiges of the younger years in that room – a favorite childhood stuffed animal under the bed, a Pokémon poster on the wall – the clutter just might be due to lack of suitable storage space more than just forgetting your requests to ‘clean that room!’

A new mattress is almost certainly necessary!

Most kids move from the crib to a toddler bed at around age two, and on to a ‘big boy/big girl’ twin around four. Give or take the age of your younger teen, that’s about ten years.

Since then, your teen’s weight has probably doubled or more and he or she can either look you in the eye or even help you get something from a cupboard you can’t reach.


Your teen almost certainly needs a new mattress, and while you’re shopping for it, take a look at beds and other bedroom furniture that can help in organizing the room a bit better. Talk to your teen about how he wants his bedroom to look. The room that worked in fourth grade has been outgrown for someone in middle school or high school.

Here are some considerations to mention to your teen while bed and mattress shopping:

1. A mattress he or she helps choose. Bring your teen to a few mattress stores to try out different sizes and styles. Make it fun and wrap in a stop for food (lunch, early dinner, or snack; teens are much happier after they eat).


2. A new bed. They really aren’t very expensive and letting your teen choose a bed style is a great way to bestow a big decision and help her as she transitions to bigger decisions.

3. A larger bed. Unless the room is really small, a full-size mattress or even a standard queen will give him more space to stretch out and sleep more soundly. But some kids are fine with the twin size.

4. Storage options. Point out beds that have drawers on the sides or underneath. Not only does this provide useful storage space but also drawers put an end to dust bunnies and dirty socks being pushed under the bed.


Other teen’s bedroom décor

Let’s talk about teen’s bedroom furniture. How is that desk in your teen’s bedroom working out? See if he or she is interested in a loft bed with a desk or bookcase attached. These are particularly useful in small bedrooms.

Or your teen might like a desk with a hutch and shelves over it to hold school and reference texts. Be sure the desk has adequate room for a computer or laptop and space for assorted hardware including monitors, speakers, printer, and tablet stands.


If your teen is drawn to a computer desk, remind him or her about how useful drawers are. If there’s generally a lot of desk clutter, even just a couple of drawers will solve that problem.

Be sure there’s at least a small bookcase. If you teen goes for a smaller desk, he or she will still likely need somewhere to store books, magazines, and other items like iPods, mobile device chargers, and assorted electronic games.