Bathroom Renovation Tips


Bathroom renovations involve the installation of desirable and elegant fixtures that depict both – quality and style. Following are some vital points to be considered while going for a bathroom renovation.

1. Refrain from being overly ambitious

According to plumbing experts, new fixtures like bathtubs, showers, basins etc. should always be positioned where the old units rested. Installing these fixtures at a new place in your bathroom will require a new drainage and water supply system. This will consume more time, material and will most importantly add to your entire billing amount too. Thus, you’ll only end up shaking your entire budget. Hence, stick to the old positions for any new fixtures.


2. Do some research for the bathroom tiles

Ceramic tiles are by far the cheapest and also the most common. Unlike porcelain, natural stone or slate tiles, ceramic tiles not only cost less but they also don’t require any special kind of cutting, drilling and adhesives. Homeowners should also remember that the size of tiles they are planning to install can also be a potential problem. Go for small tiles instead of large ones since the former appearance and work great in small areas unlike the latter.


3. Be careful while adding colors

Color and finish of all those items that get installed in a bathroom is usually a personal choice, however, that does not make you free to tread anywhere you want to. Experienced professionals of home renovation companies say that plain and neutral colored tiles work great for bathrooms. According to them, colored tiles simply end up dictating the shade of your towels and other decorative accessories. So, it’s best to go for neutral shades.


4. Shop around a bit for sanitary fittings

All bathroom renovations look incomplete without the replacement of the sanitary fittings in them. Today, the sanitary fitting industry has advanced beyond anyone’s imagination. All kinds of hi-tech and sophisticated fittings are available out there. All you need to do is make up a mind regarding your budget. People also tend to get fabulous deals for sanitary fittings online. So, before you make a purchase, make sure you’ve explored all your options.


5. Be ready with an alternative bathroom

Those who plan to get a bathroom renovation should definitely put some thought in this matter. If a being bathroom project is on your mind, there are chances of you being unable to use that washroom for your daily chores for the next 24 hours or more. So, if your house has does not have an alternative washroom or if your other washroom is also under a renovation, you must plan-out some alternative arrangements with your neighbors or friends.