Complete Garden On Your Small Deck


Complete Garden On Your Small Deck – Many homes, unfortunately, have small yards. For those that love to garden or aspire to be gardeners, having a small back or front yard can be a hassle. Without enough room, you can be severely limited in the types and number of plants you can use for your outdoor space. However, many homes do have patios or decks, and if you have one, you have a great area to put in a garden, if you know how to do it!

Vegetable garden on your patio

By utilizing pots, you can grow almost any vegetable right on your deck. Some companies sell vegetable plants that are specifically designed to grow in pots.

One even sells a ‘ketchup and fries’ plant that grows tomatoes on the top and potatoes in the soil of the pot. A pretty cool innovation!


Using raised bed or box style planters is another great way to grow fruit and vegetables on a patio. Boxes can be as long as you like and can go deep. Some places sell tiered boxes, allowing you to grow different vegetables in different sections, making spacing it much easier.

Be sure to choose the right type of plants. Growing zucchini can be tough because the plants take up a lot of room. Tomatoes, despite being a big, vining plant are easy to grow on a deck because they can be staked or caged. Other vines like string beans and cucumbers can also be strung up, staked or caged.


Flower gardens on your small deck

Flowers are easier because they need less space than a fruit or vegetable producing plant.

Pots are the most common choice, but large pots can get expensive if you want to put a lot of flowers.


Planters and boxes, like the ones for vegetables, can help you pack a lot of flowers into a fairly small area. You can mix different types of flower in the same box or pot as well.

Hanging pots and planters can also free up a lot of space and make your garden look beautiful. They take up little ground space but allow you to expand your garden. Same for boxes that can hang on the railing of your patio.