Varaluz Lighting: Beautiful Light Fixtures


Varaluz Lighting: Beautiful Light Fixtures – Varaluz offer a good collection of beautiful light fixtures that providing an amazing décor to the rooms and exterior. These lighting solutions have used amazing ways to recycle the natural materials into beautiful lighting fixtures. Varaluz lighting solutions have always received a positive and satisfactory response from the users fond of a wide variety of lighting fixtures for decorating their homes.

Varaluz lighting fixtures are made of quality material and are sure to last for years offering complete peace of mind. An array of unique looking fixtures is available to fulfill your wishes as per the lighting ambience.


Varaluz’s Capsule Collection

Wall Varaluz lighting

The wide variety of wall lighting from Varaluz is truly exquisite. The collection includes wall sconces and vanity lights. Wall sconces are beautiful light fixtures that are affixed to the wall and it takes only the support of the wall. The sconces come in different shapes and sizes. Vanity lights are also used to decorate the home. Vanity lights come in a collection of three or four lights attached to a metal rod or strip. The lights look beautiful and give a unique grace to the area.


Outdoor Varaluz lighting

Outdoors give any house its frontal and exterior look, but often it remains neglected. Varaluz comes with a wide range of outdoor lighting for your home. The exclusive outdoor lighting fixtures will help you give your home exterior a total facelift. Ceiling and wall lights are available in number and they can be used to decorate the outer area of your home. The outer area of your home makes the first impression to anyone visiting your home. Naturally, it is important to make it look beautiful and amazing.


Fascination small outdoor wall light, $249.00

Ceiling Varaluz lighting

Ceiling lights are the most preferred form of lights in every home. Chandeliers and pendants are some of the common types of ceiling fixtures for your home. They can give an exceptional décor to the rooms in your home. These are available at affordable prices and come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. The ceiling lights can be chosen depending on the size of the room. The bigger rooms should have big lights in order to provide bright light in the whole room. On the other hand, the smaller rooms can be decorated by handing small lights on the walls of the room. The ceiling lights will surely add color and splendor to the interior of the room.


Fascination Pendalier 165C04KO in a dining room

These fixtures will surely create an exceptionally sophisticated and elegant ambience in your home, both in interior or exterior parts. After all, it is lighting that can only make your house gleam, make a perfect living ambience and create a gorgeous first impression regarding your living space. These lighting solutions made of exceptional quality material offer a durable decorative solution that would continue to add glam in and outside of your house.


Pinwheel Pendant – large by Varaluz, $649.00



Varaluz’s Bathroom Vanity Lights