Small Apartments Design Ideas


Small Apartments Design Ideas

Small Apartments Design Ideas – The first thing to keep in mind when living in a small apartment is to minimize clutter and extra stuff. Having open surface area will provide the illusion of extra space. One tip to keep the clutter maintained is to ensure that everything you own has a place to belong, otherwise it does not stay in your home. Another tip is to take one thing out of your home each time you bring something new into your home. This can help maintain the level of stuff you own and keep your things from over-running your available space.

Open floor plans can be a huge help when living in a small apartment. A one bedroom apartment can feel small and cramped if there are walls separating each room, so combining living and kitchen space together can help provide the feeling of more space altogether.

Having the living room and kitchen share a space is also a great way to entertain company and share the experience of cooking and eating together even in a smaller space.


How to create the illusion of space

Even a small space can feel large with the right layout and design. Using bright colors on the walls and coordinating your home décor with those colors can help make your apartment feel bright and open and cheery. In contrast, darker colors can make a room feel smaller and closed off. You can also place mirrors on the walls as decorations that reflect the space in such a way that it opens up the room. A well-placed mirror can make a room actually look larger than it really is because of the reflection of the space.


Space saving furniture

The smaller your space, the more carefully you will need to decorate. To make the most of all the space available to you, each thing in your home should serve more than one purpose. For example, you can buy a bed frame that has storage built in, so that the space taken by your bed serves as storage as well. A lot of ottomans can double as storage as well.

For cat lovers, another space saving design combines an entry bench or table with a litter box. This enclosed space provides plenty of room for your feline friend to do its business while keeping the litter box out of sight. You can also use the bench as seating.


Get rid of your dining room table and use a sofa table or kitchen island to eat at. This can help open up valuable floor space without removing your ability to sit at a table to eat dinner with friends. There are even some coffee tables that come with seats or benches that slide out. Throw a tablecloth over it and you’re ready for a dinner party! You should also invest in a space-saving charging station so that all your electronic devices can be stored upright in a smaller space while charging.

If you plan on using a piece of furniture for more than one use and will need to move it around some to do so, you should consider installing locking wheels to it. You can lock the wheels in place and then unlock them to easily roll across the room when needed.