Plants For Small Living Spaces


Plants For Small Living Spaces – We all like living in a space where there is green and plants; some people become emotionally attached to their plants and they wish to have them with them whenever they can. House plants add life and character to any place and moreover, improve quality of air. The problem is that they can take up valuable space on the floors that is why you need to choose proper plants for small living spaces.

How can you reclaim space while still enjoying the green friends in your house? Simply, opt for indoor plants that can be mounted. Wall mounted indoor plants provide an excellent solution to hallways, small rooms, corridors and home offices or reception areas.

They can add life and fun to any small space, and they attract eyes upwards, giving the impression of a taller room.


There are numerous desktop plants you can choose as well; desktop plants come in many different colors and they can help you personalize your space, making it friendlier and cozier at the same time.

If you have free corners in the space, you can either hang plants or opt for a floor plant. In any case, whatever you choose, you should avoid plants that tend to grow laterally, because they occupy much space without a reason. Palms, on the other hand, or corn plants, which can be placed even in low light spots, are ideal for small living spaces because the foliage is at the top, therefore they don’t give the impression of something bulky and improper in the space.

The main idea is to reorganize and re-plan the items you are using; make sure your place can accommodate smaller or larger potted plants. If, for instance, you have a small kitchen window you can buy a small potted plant and add a colorful tone to the room. Small changes like this can make any room look friendly and intimate.