Nikolas Bentel Reimagines How We Draw with Chalk Drawers


Having grown up in a family of architects, Nikolas Bentel was inspired to create a series of architectural drawing toys with a new approach. Chalk has been around for thousands of years but Bentel wanted to reimagine how chalk is used so he had to figure out a different way to manufacture it. After much trial and error, he arrived at 3D printing to produce three different designs – circles, dots, and lines. The Chalk Drawers are made entirely out of chalk allowing children and adults alike hours of drawing fun.

Each Chalk Drawer creates a different pattern making it easy to draw circles, dots, or straight lines for either work or play. So forget about those single sticks of chalk and grab one of these if you want to up your drawing game.

Chalk Drawers are currently on display at NYC’s New Museum’s shop but you can also purchase them online at Bentel’s shop or through the New Museum’s website.