Mattias Stenberg’s On Point & Carry On Make Perfect Informal Office Seating


With offices going more towards open floor plans that allow employees to collaborate, having pieces of furniture that allow for that is key. It also makes sense to incorporate pieces that can easily be moved around for meetings or for overall growth. Mattias Stenberg has nailed just that with two designs for Offecct that offer workers informal workspaces that can be changed up. First are the On Point powered tables which allow for meetings while also having a central spot for plants, and then the Carry On stools which provide quick additional seating when needed.

The On Point tables are designed to work in office or public spaces or even airports as a way to provide informal workspaces wherever needed. The large tabletop is enough space for up to eight people to work or give plenty of room for just a few. In the center, the On Point table is designed to hold a plant or tree that no only improves the air quality but it can begin to create a sense of division in an open space.

Underneath, the base is upholstered and it’s where you’ll find power sources to keep your devices charged up.

It also comes in three different heights.

Carry On is a portable seating option that comes complete with a wooden carrying handle for easy transport. The upholstered stool is features a bulbous shape with stitching that gives a high quality appearance. When not in use, simply stack them in a corner out of the way.