How To Bring Feng Shui In The Living Room?


Feng shui living room area signifies design or perhaps agreement with the family room in order to obtain tranquility and also best of luck in the person’s life. To achieve a perfect balance and harmony in your living room follow these simple Feng Shui tips:

1. Entrance. Should be free of clutter so the energy can flow in freely without any obstructions;

2. Light. Make sure your room has as much natural light as possible. If your room is rather small don’t use any heavy curtains as these would darken your launch, use blinds instead. If your living room is quite large, you might need to bring some light to the corners, as these have tendency to deaden the flow of energy. Put a lamp or a colourful item/picture to lighten up these areas;


3. Furniture. Position the furniture around the edges of your room. The centre of the room should be free, however a low coffee table is fine;

4. Seating. All seats should be positioned facing the living room door so people seated can comfortably see who is entering the room. Having a variety of seating options (sofa, chair, lazy-boy, bean bag, armchair ) gives your space a better balance but more importantly, gives a choice to your guests or family members;

5. Mirrors. Should not be positioned so they reflect the living room door or staircase and also above the fireplace;

6. Don’t over clutter your living room space and don’t make your TV or sound system your room’s focal point – make it a fireplace or a nice canvas;

7. Use your own taste to accessorize your room. If you were given a gift and you don’t like it, don’t display it in your living room just to please the person that gave it to you;

8. Colour choice. Depending on where in the house your launch is but white or beige are always “safe” colours. If the actual living room space is at the middle of your home and also the health point of view, brown colored or tones regarding yellow are wonderful colors according to feng shui;

9. A fish tank is a perfect way to bring a good chi (life energy) to your living room. We all know how relaxing watching the fish can be. If you have a large fireplace, get a smaller fish tank, if you have a smaller or no fireplace, go for a big one!