How To Brighten Up Your Home Office With Decorations?


How To Brighten Up Your Home Office With Decorations? If you find your home office space dull and uninspiring, its time you found the right home office decoration or decorations to improve it. Understand, this doesn’t mean you need to perform a complete makeover on your office; it’s simply a matter of improving what you already have by adding color, knick knacks, wall hangings, lighting and/or other decor to add a little spice to your working environment. In fact, in many cases, all one usually needs to add is a single element to brighten up their work space.

Let’s assume for a moment that you can only add one home office decoration to your space. What would you choose? The following are some ideas for you to consider:


1. Color. If you have walls, what color are they? Did you know that color can have a dramatic affect on your mood? The best home office wall colors are light warm shades of yellow, neutral tones such as taupe, or light shades of cool colors such as green or blue. Warm colors provide you with energy; neutral colors keep you in a state of balance; and cool colors help to relax you. Painting your walls may be all the office decoration you need to help improve the look and feel of your space.


2. Wall decorations. If your home office is a cubicle that cannot be painted, your walls are already a color you enjoy, or you are not permitted to change them, your next best option for improving your walls is to add a picture or another form of wall art. If you enjoy pictures, consider making a collage of family photos, or of a special vacation, or of good times spent with friends – anything that makes you happy. If wall art is the appealing office decoration, choose a painting, poster or photograph of scenery, architecture, animal, etc. that really appeals to you; something that will put a smile on your face, and provide you with an instant escape as soon as you lay eyes on it.


3. Ornaments. Trinkets or knick knacks (I.E. good luck charms, family photos, etc.) for your desk or other shelves in your office may provide you with that little jolt of inspiration you need when you reach the difficult point of the day.

4. Organization. Believe it or not, but a filing cabinet, shelves, pen holder, and other organization furniture may just be the decor you need. Too much clutter in your home office can cause you to feel excessive stress. Therefore, while you may think a new picture is what you need to rejuvenate your space, in actuality, all you may require is a little organization so you can appreciate the decorations you already have.


5. Lighting. If you find you have enough decorations and color in your office, but something still seems to be amiss, your problem is likely related to lighting. If you don’t have a window in your office, make sure you have sufficient overhead lighting. It is also a good idea to obtain a desk or floor lamp with a flexible neck so you can not only move the light to where you need it most, but also so you can use full spectrum light bulbs (light bulbs that mimic sunlight) and shine the light on yourself to rejuvenate your body.


5. Home office accessories. Finally, other office decorations you can consider include plants, window treatments, area carpet, chair, etc. Just remember, when decorating your office, you need to ensure you don’t clutter up your space. The idea is to be comfortable, not overwhelmed. Therefore, carefully consider one office decoration at a time to ensure you create the best working environment designed to fit your personal and professional needs.