Home Working Space Practical Ideas


Home Working Space Practical Ideas – How do your organize yourself so that you work as well as possible? As with most tasks, staying organized is key to your success. This goes for all of your work. Even if you store most of your files, programs, and tasks on an advanced computer, you still need to know how to organize everything else around you, from the desk you work on to cabinets, closets, and more. These are tips for organizing a new working space that apply to individuals across various career fields.

– First of all, position your computer correctly. Place your computer in the center of your desk (with the monitor facing away from the entry, if possible – if you only work on your computer).

– If you expect to meet with other individuals at your desk or perform tasks on a flat, clean desktop, then position your computer, keyboard, and mouse at an angle facing a distant corner of your desk.


– If you meet with other individuals in your home office, consider investing in a second desk or a table with comfortable chairs for holding meetings. That way, you can work comfortably and privately at your desk without having to clear space or a sightline for others.

– Invest in good filing cabinets that are functional and attractive. They should have at least 4 drawers. Even if you do not expect to have many loose papers or files to store, you will be surprised how much will come up.

– Relevant inner-office files, employment-related information, detailed files on other employees, client and customer information, and more can be stored in your cabinets.


– Consider organizing your file cabinet by groups of letters for names of companies, clients, employees, contracts, etc.

– You can also keep replacement supplies in a file cabinet if you do not have a closet.

– Use a drawer directly under or next to the center of the desk for writing utensils, highlighters, and other basics. You may also want to keep sticky notes in there so you can jot something down.

– Keep a stapler, tape, and other large tools in a separate, larger drawer.


– Reserve a large drawer in your desk for your purse, briefcase, keys, phone, or other personal goods. Consider investing in a desk with locking drawers.

– Consider investing in a wrap-around desk, peninsula desk, or other desk setup that better suits your needs.

– L-shaped desks are ideal for those who need plenty of flat working space. Meanwhile, wrap-around desks are ideal for those who are responsible for keeping highly confidential information.

– Home office organization services can help you transition from a desk full of files or a filing cabinet that is overflowing into a superior storage option like large cabinets or bookshelves.

– Bookshelves should be organized by the title. If you want, you can also organize them by subject or purpose, but try to sort each category by title. This will save you countless minutes of searching for books.


–  Miscellaneous paper files or loose sheets of paper should be kept in a drawer or cabinet near your work space. Do not simply allow paper to fill up on your desk. Give them a designated spot so that your desk is always clean and functional.

– Remember that an attractive home office enables good work, just as an attractive and professional outfit does. Do not spare any expense on handsome storage furniture and decor. A boring home office makes for boring work.