Gazebo Makes Your Garden Spectacular


Gazebo Makes Your Garden Spectacular – It wasn’t to long ago in history that a gazebo could only be had by royalty or the very elite. Well, that is not true anymore. The average homeowner can have a gazebo to brighten up their gardens with just a little money.

There are many styles of gazebos made from many different materials, and there are many ways to incorporate them into your garden design. What kind of gazebo you choose will depend on what your use for the gazebo is. Do you want an outdoor living space? You will probably want one of the enclosed type of gazebos. An enclosed gazebo has windows and a door, almost like a miniature house. This type of gazebo can be used for an outdoor living room or den, it can be your own little hideaway.

Do you want an outdoor entertainment center? You will probably want to purchase one of the large rectangular or oval gazebos. You can get these without any railings or walls to allow for a large group to use it without running over each other. These can be used for large cookouts, just add a grill to one end. You can then set up tables under the gazebo for a lovely feast, regardless of what the weather happens to do.

Do you want a lovely focal point for your garden? Then a small to medium type gazebo is what you need. You can get these in round or square, with many options to customize your gazebo to fit your personality. You can either have benches built into the gazebo or use standard patio type furniture for seating, just make sure you use something meant for the outdoors.

Gazebo in water garden

Now you have decided what type of gazebo you want, how do you get one? There are several options to getting your gazebo, the include: hiring a contractor, purchasing the material and plans and building it yourself, or buying a gazebo kit. There are advantages and disadvantages to each kind.

Hiring a contractor is probably the most expensive method. You also have to be careful to hire someone reputable, this can be a job in itself to find someone you can work with. This method can also be the most creative. You generally get to decide on every detail that goes into your gazebo, so that when it is complete it is a one of a kind.

The second option, buying the material and plans, can be almost as expensive as hiring a contractor. You will also need to know quite a bit about reading plans, measuring and cutting the wood, and proper placement of each piece. If you possess these skills then this can be a very rewarding experience. Every time someone compliments how nice your gazebo is you can reply “Thank you, I built it myself.”

Enclosed gazebo looks like a miniature house in the garden

The last option, buying a gazebo kit, is probably the least expensive of all the options. It is a lot easier than building one from scratch. Most kits come with all the pieces pre-cut (and sometimes also has panels pre-assembled), very detailed instructions, and all the nuts, bolts, and screws. You just have to provide a few basic tools. The downside to a gazebo kit is that you lose some customization. Most kit suppliers do offer several options that will make it a bit more how you want it, but you are not able to have a totally one of a kind.