Five chic ways to master the marble trend


Marble is known for its elegance, style, and beauty since it originated in the days of Socrates and Aristotle. It is now becoming even more popular with modern day homeowners. If you want to get ahead with this trend, try and experiment with these chic ways to master the marble trend.

Dine in style

Marble is associated with Ancient Grecian style, as well as classical sculptures and architecture, and we are now capturing its majesty in our contemporary homeware items.

People often think of marble as only being used for open floors and countertops, now modern designers are combining it with industrial materials and a dining table is a great place to start when incorporating the style into your everyday interior design.Look for a table that has a marble top surface – or marble patterned surface – with a base made from timber or metal.

Make it part of the floor or walls

“Or” is the key word here, we recommend you avoid using it for both. Having both marble effect walls and floors will make your home look and feel cold. However, choosing one allows you to add a classic feel to your surroundings.

Use it to accent

Marble isn’t a material that needs to be used widely. If you take a look in your local hardware shop you will find lots of different cookware items and gadgets that make good use of the marble material. A good example of this is a chopping board as they can introduce marble subtly into a kitchen layout without a great expense. You could also try marble serving ware and cutlery with marble ends.

You can also add some marble accents to your bedroom too with duvet sheets and pillows that have the marble effect. This will make your bed look so inviting and cosy. If your current bed style doesn’t go with the marble colouring why not get yourself over to a site such asDivan Beds Centrefor a new grey or white headboard. Add some high thread count bedding for a luxurious finish.

Add it to your bathroom

Marble blends in well in a modern style bedroom. As monochrome colours are more often used in these rooms, white or dark marble is perfect.  Now, of course, you more than likely don’t have the money to splash out on huge marble bathtub, but again you can use marble accessories including soap dispensers and dishes to create the theme.

Marble in the living room

As with the kitchen, one of the best ways to interpret marble is on table tops, for example your coffee table or side tables. You could also add marble with a marble effect wall clock or several accenting items, such as candleholders and tea trays.

Marble is something that will never fully go out of fashion, interior designers may have fallen out of favour with over recent years but now it ready for a comeback. As we approach the end of the year it is a great opportunity for you to get your house ready and revamped for the new year.