Feng Shui Tips – Home Entrance


Feng Shui Tips – Home Entrance

Home improvement starts with the main entrance to the house. One of the first things people will see when entering your home is the foyer. Having a pleasant atmosphere welcoming your guests and even you when you get home from work is very beneficial. What you need to do is use Feng Shui tips based on Chi to tune in the life force to your foyer to make your home more welcoming and inviting for anyone. In FengShui, main door of the house is also known as the ‘Mouth of Chi’. The house absorbs energy or Chi through the main door. Therefore it is important for you to where to fix and choose the type of door for your main entrance.

Following Feng Shui tips, one of the best ways to get you started is by de-cluttering your home entrance. There are many homes where the home entrance is simply cramped with many things. The front door needs to have plenty of space around it so the door can be easily opened, particularly if the door is leading to a very tight hallway. One way to make the foyer look bigger is by placing a mirror just next to the door. This will also help with the positive Feng Shui energy around the place.


The front home entrance of your home needs to have free flowing Chi energy, while your backdoor (if you have one) should have an interrupted energy, especially if it is right across your front door. What you can do to easily achieve this is add a few plants or screens for this.

There are 5 main elements in Feng Shui: fire, water, metal, wood and earth. These elements can have disruptive or productive cycles and you need to make sure that you transform any bad energy to positive one. You can easily achieve this by repairing any cracks in the wood and repainting any chipped or peeled doors. Also creaky hinges should be oiled to work well again. The door should be working properly to bring in the positive energy of Chi, or life force.

Finally you need to add protective energy to your home and this starts right with your front door. Some people use animal totems for this, such as the fu dog which is mostly used in China. Also when it comes to the entrance door, you need to add proper lighting to it as bright light is enhancing the positive flow of Chi.





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