Family Friendly Décor For Your Living Room


Family Friendly Décor For Your Living Room – Designing a living room that reflects your style and leaves a lasting impression on your guests is easy. Complete your living room decor with the perfect furniture, accessories, lighting and gorgeous curtains. Make the most of your living room space with these living room furniture ideas and decorating tips.

Start with the basics when it comes to designing family friendly decor for your living room. Every living room needs comfortable seating like a sofa and armchairs along with a coffee table and side tables. If your living room is also your media area, consider incorporating a media console in your living room design.

The media console offers adequate storage space for electronics and surface area for decorative accents. Arrange baskets on the open shelves to add texture to the console, while keeping all essentials organized.


One of the easiest living room furniture ideas for family friendly decor is to arrange furniture in layouts that allow for ease in conversations and encourage people to sit and talk. Pull seating pieces away from the walls and arrange them facing each other. For a large living room, consider breaking the room into two conversational groups. Chairs and ottomans can be added to the grouping to expand the circle and still keep both the areas connected.


Create a focal point for your living room. A focal point anchors the living room and adds visual appeal. A fireplace is a natural focal point as well as the television. Pair the two focal points with a beautiful or stunning piece of art hanging above them. A combination of frames, mirrors and artwork can also serve as the room’s focal point. Arrange this eclectic mix on a blank wall to add character to the room.


The lighting plan is an important part of designing family friendly decor as lighting helps create a relaxed, comfortable ambience. Add layers of light and position light sources in a way to ensure good distribution of illumination. Hang a chandelier above the seating area to fill the room with a warm, even glow. As for the rest of the living room, consider installing wall scones to illuminate wall accents and floor lamps to brighten up the nooks and corners of your room. Include plenty of task lighting in the living room for family activities like movie night and playing board games.