Enjoy The Spring Patio


Enjoy The Spring Patio

Enjoy The Spring Patio – If your patio and outdoor furniture are looking a little drab and dull it’s time to get some great patio cushions to brighten up the area. Not only will you enjoy a better looking patio, you’ll also be much more comfortable when you are sitting relaxing in your garden.

Outdoor cushions come in many different shapes, sizes and designs and you are bound to be able to find some to fit your furniture. But it helps in making your choice to have some vision for your outdoor space so that you can choose cushions to match.

Do you want your patio to be fresh and spring like? Or a typically tropical look? Maybe you would like something smart and classic such as stripes or plaids? Or something rustic or floral?


And if you can’t decide there are always great neutral shades to choose! Once your patio furniture is looking good, here are a few other ways you can brighten up your patio.

1. Decorate with flowers

Add tubs of flowers in pretty pots to brighten the area. You can select whatever is in season and ring the changes every month or two. Once the flowers have passed their best pop them in an out of the way place in your garden if they will bloom again next year or discard and refill your tubs with something new.


2. Accessorize your exterior

Add some bright pillows and throws to your furniture for even more color. Pick out one of the colors in the pattern of your cushions for a toning look or choose a contrasting color to add highlights to your patio.

3. Add a focal point

Think about adding a focal point for your outdoor room in the same way as you might want a fireplace in a lounge area. Consider adding a solar powered water feature to the area or perhaps something simple like a group of large potted palms or other exotic plants.


4. Think about sound

Add some wind chimes on a shepherd’s hook for soft gentle sound while you relax.