Designing With An Antique Rug


Designing With An Antique Rug – Designing for a new room or giving a room in need of revitalization a makeover can be challenging. Fortunately, whether the goal of the room is to feel traditional or eclectic, cozy or romantic, often the easiest way to begin planning the room is the use of a beautiful antique rug.

No matter the desired look, a vintage or antique rug can be found to tie together a design concept in a room. The popular Persian floor coverings from bygone eras were made in a wide range of sumptuous colors with intricate patterning. These woven works of art can be found in a variety of patterns that depict architecture, plant life, and geometric designs, among many others.

Another fine example of beautiful floor coverings are antique Oushak rugs. These often display star and medallion prints in luminous colors that have the effect of warming and enlivening a living space.


Antique Oushak rug

The use of a antique rugs in a space have the tendency to dampen excess noise by preventing sounds from echoing off bare floors. Also, they create a sense of intimacy to conversational spaces and comfort to reflective spaces. The use of coordinating colors in accessories can tie together the room into a cohesive whole that will be inviting and purposeful, no matter the intended use of the area.

When working in a large room, the use of more than one antique rug is possible, and often necessary. By coordinating the rugs through similar patterns or colors that work well together, a room will look polished and together, even within its multiple separate areas.

An important step before designing with an antique rug is to know the measurements of the room. Area rugs look best when the bare floor around them can be used as a border, so it is best to keep them from touching the wall in the room. Setting them too closely to other patterned floor accents can also have the effect of causing guests eyes to spend more time looking at the floor than enjoying the visit.

After measuring the room, it is easier to determine the size, pattern, and number of rugs that will work well within the space. Then it is easier to determine the other pieces and accents in the room. Using an antique rug as a base makes decorating a room an enjoyable experience and creates a finished product that can be appreciated for years.