Antique End Tables


Antique End Tables – Having a distinguished looking space is essential if you want to give the impression that you know how to decorate. For that reason, you need to have all the finishing touches in place and one great option or antique end tables. They are a fantastic choice for placing in any room throughout your home.

What makes antique end tables such a wonderful furniture selection is their fabulous appearance, which is the result of the many materials that they can be crafted from, the gorgeous finishes that they have, and their eloquent styling.


This highly unique Antique Louis XIV End Table features incredibly bold carvings on the framework, apron, and exuberantly scrolled legs, and has been topped with Breschia marble with mitered corners – circa 1870

For example, you can get one that is crafted out of rich mahogany that has a beautiful faux finished and features lavish hand carved accents. Or, you can get one that is made out of a combination of metal and glass with an oil rubbed bronze finished metal base that has scrolling legs and ornamentation, which supports a beveled glass table top.


Antique Norwegian Rococo Table

Antique end tables would be a great choice for placing in pretty much any room throughout your home that is in need of a beautiful finishing touch. One of the most common places they can be used are in a living room setting, like beside a sofa or up against a wall. A few other places where one would be a good fit include at the end of a long hallway, in an entryway, in a bedroom, and even in a larger bathroom that is in need of a nice, decorative accent piece.


19th Century Antique Louis XIV Marble-Top End Table

If you’re not feeling the antique end tables, but are still interested in purchasing something like it for your home, don’t worry. There are many other end table style options to choose from. For instance, you can get ones that have a modern feel with sleek lines made from either wood or metal and glass. Or, you can go with others that are more on the traditional side that are plain and simple, yet very, very pleasing to the eye. And, there are even ones that combine styles, creating beautiful transitional options that would be a nice complement to any type of décor.


Antique Swedish End Table; early 19th century

A great way to check out all the antique end tables, or the other options, that you could purchase for your space is by going on the internet. Once online, doing your comparison shopping is a breeze since you just have to click through all the different online stores and their products. When you do select what you want, it will even be shipped right to your home. Basically, shopping has never been easier since you don’t even have to step outside of your home to do it.


Italian Neoclassical style polychrome decorated and lacquered demi-lune end tables